It might be time to try something new

The Magic Appreciation Tour has a new feature called Magic Appreciation Blog Tours (MABT), and I’m pleased to be the first author to host a blog post for it. Today’s guest post is from Cynthia Ravinski who I met when she joined the MA Tour in July. As fate would have it, I had just […]

A World within a World – Guest Post by Will English

I’m pleased to be hosting a guest post by fellow fantasy author Will English this week. We exchanged posts as part of the Summer 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour. Will has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Magic Appreciation Tour, for which I’m grateful. In his guest post, Will explores ways that video games can help […]

Will English Interviews Me

Fantasy author Will English interviewed me for his blog “Random Musings of a Summer Dreamer” as part of the Summer 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour. In the interview, I reveal what got me started in writing, who I see as my primary influences, and much more: Magic Appreciation Tour: Interview with Daniel R. Marvello While you […]

Magic Appreciation Tour Flash Fiction – "Final Exam"

The Magic Appreciation Tour is running a flash fiction contest through the end of this month, and I promised my fellow authors that I would write an entry of my own. Since I’m running the contest, my entry doesn’t count for winning the prize, but it was fun to write anyway. The rules are pretty […]

MA Tour Proceedings + RIP Ray Bradbury

I was saddened to hear that Ray Bradbury died at the age of 91 yesterday, June 5, 2012. I must admit I haven’t read most of his work, and I read the Martian Chronicles so long ago that I barely remember it. However, I recognize Mr. Bradbury as being one of the pioneers of the […]

Book Giveaway: Dragonfriend by Roger Eschbacher

This week, I’m pleased to offer a deal you can’t refuse. I’m giving away two copies of Roger Eschbacher’s young adult magical fantasy book Dragonfriend. Roger is a fellow author on the Magic Appreciation Tour and has generously offered to let me give away one paperback edition and one Kindle edition of his book. I […]

Let the Touring Begin!

The first Magic Appreciation Tour started today, and I’m pretty excited. If you like to read magical fantasy, please check out the books that have been registered for the tour. I’m sure you’ll find something you want to read. Magic Appreciation Tour Book Sale At last count, we had 18 authors and 28 books! That’s […]

The Magic Appreciation Tour – Just the Facts

My last couple of rambling posts on my ideas for the Magic Appreciation Tour provided a lot of nuts-and-bolts information, but I think the big picture might have gotten lost in the detail. I’ll try to remedy that with this post. What is the Magic Appreciation Tour? The Magic Appreciation Tour (MA Tour) and Book […]

Game On! The Spring 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour

So far, all of the feedback I’ve gotten on my idea for the Magic Appreciation Tour (MA Tour) has been positive. I’ve been getting more excited about it myself as I’ve formulated plans for how the web site will work. There’s only one problem: I’m running out of time to get the Spring 2012 MA […]

Help Fight Author Obscurity (Including Your Own)

I’m having an idea. One of the biggest problems first-time authors have is the Obscurity Problem. No one knows who you are. Even if your book is excellent, it can take quite a while for the word to get out about it. You blog, you tweet, and you participate in forums, but most of the […]