MA Tour Proceedings + RIP Ray Bradbury

I was saddened to hear that Ray Bradbury died at the age of 91 yesterday, June 5, 2012. I must admit I haven’t read most of his work, and I read the Martian Chronicles so long ago that I barely remember it. However, I recognize Mr. Bradbury as being one of the pioneers of the genre that I love. The Martian Chronicles is probably considered classic science fiction, but his depiction of life on Mars was certainly fantasy as well. Perhaps fantasy is just science that hasn’t happened yet (with a nod to Arthur C. Clarke’s quote regarding advanced technology).

Magic Appreciation Tour News

We are closing in on the end of the first week of the Magic Appreciation Tour. Things have been much quieter this time around, maybe because it is summer. However, several more authors have promised Post Exchanges, so it could pick up yet.

If you want to stay informed of what’s happening with the MA Tour, the best thing to do is follow the Magic Appreciation Tour Blog. The blog site has links to follow via RSS and email over in the right side-bar. I’m trying to keep this blog focused on my story world and my writing.

However, I will impart one piece of exciting news. Today I’m announcing the flash fiction writing prompt for Tour Challenge #2! Go on over to the Magic Appreciation Tour Blog if you want to check it out. All writers are welcome to enter.


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  1. I really hope I don’t win this Flash Fiction contest by being the only entry! Where’s all the others?! =)

  2. I wish I knew! We’ve got until the end of the month. I’m going to do one too, but mine doesn’t count toward the prize.

    The summer tour has been very quiet so far. We’ve had only four Post Exchanges. Several additional authors said they were planning to participate though, so we may see more action yet!