Fairy Dust: A Fantasy Adventure Short Story

I recently attended the first meeting of a local writers group that is starting up in our area. We spent the first half of the meeting getting to know each other, but we used the second half to do a couple of writing exercises. It was fun to see how differently everyone approached the exercises. […]

A.E. Marling on Writing Action Scenes

I’m pleased to present fellow Magic Appreciation Tour author A.E. Marling for a stop on his “Gravity’s Revenge: Kickstarter Tour with a Vengeance” blog tour. A.E. Marling is the author of two titles in the captivating Enchantress Hiresha series (Brood of Bones and Fox’s Bride) as well as a Young Adult title, The Gown of […]

Magic Appreciation Tour Flash Fiction – "Final Exam"

The Magic Appreciation Tour is running a flash fiction contest through the end of this month, and I promised my fellow authors that I would write an entry of my own. Since I’m running the contest, my entry doesn’t count for winning the prize, but it was fun to write anyway. The rules are pretty […]

Flash Fiction Story "Sorcerer’s Staff"

Just for fun, I decided to enter a flash fiction story into Mysti Parker’s May Flash Fiction contest. The basic rules were that the story had to be 600 words or less and begin with the following sentence: I never expected to be in this position so soon, saying goodbye to my son. I’m not […]

Location Lore – Snow Creek Inn

I’m one of those people who tend to notice continuity errors when I’m watching a movie or a television show. If a wine glass is half full in one shot and then full again in the following shot (and no one came to refill it, of course), I’ll probably notice. It’s harder for readers to […]

The Rune

The first challenge of Rachel Harrie’s Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign is to create a 200-word flash fiction story that begins with the words “The door swung open.” The opening words have a sinister implication to me. For one thing, the phrase is passive: “the door swung open,” not “he/she opened the door.” The phrase implies that […]