Jaguar of Destiny

I haven’t written much about The Ternion Order story world on The Vaetra Files, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because I’m almost done with the first draft of Book Two (as yet untitled). In this article, I’m going to share a little background about Kyle’s exciting car ride toward his destiny […]

Location Lore: The Portal Keep

Vaetra Unveiled introduces an unusual location known as the Portal Keep. The Portal Keep came about when I decided that I needed a method for long distance travel. Allowing sorcerers to teleport (or “apparate” for Harry Potter fans) just didn’t feel right for my vision for how vaetra (life-force magic) works in the Vaetra Chronicles. […]

Location Lore: The Archives Sanctuary Network

Click image to enlarge The first book of The Vaetra Chronicles briefly introduces readers to a sorcerer sanctuary in the town of Northshore. In Vaetra Unveiled, agents Sulana Delano and Daven Prost leave the sanctuary to speak with the town’s captain of the guard. That brief reference only hints at the significance of the sanctuaries […]

Location Lore – The Archives

The Archives is probably the most significant location in The Vaetra Chronicles book series because it is the “home base” for all sorcerers as well as several of the primary characters. Multiple scenes from Vaetra Unveiled are set there. The Archives is one of those places that will thrill you or make you shudder. My […]

Location Lore – Snow Creek Inn

I’m one of those people who tend to notice continuity errors when I’m watching a movie or a television show. If a wine glass is half full in one shot and then full again in the following shot (and no one came to refill it, of course), I’ll probably notice. It’s harder for readers to […]

Mapping for Fun and Clarity

I’ve always had a thing for maps. For years, my bedroom sported a large map of the World of Greyhawk (from my D&D role-playing days) above my bed. Yeah, it was a real chick magnet. I liked the map because it was colorful and the fantasy aspect appealed to me. After a day of facing […]