How I Manage Book Projects

This post isn’t meant to be instructional. Everyone has their own process for writing books, but one of the ways we come up with our own unique methods is by seeing what other people are doing and adapting what we learn to our needs. I know I’ve done that. I’d like to share my approach […]

Revision is my best writing teacher (Beta Lessons 6)

Power Of Light by Nat Sakunworarat Revision is a path of illumination for the story as well as for the writer within. Before I started writing fiction, I picked up a few books on the subject to learn what was involved. The books were inspirational, but I quickly understood that the only way I was […]

A.E. Marling on Writing Action Scenes

I’m pleased to present fellow Magic Appreciation Tour author A.E. Marling for a stop on his “Gravity’s Revenge: Kickstarter Tour with a Vengeance” blog tour. A.E. Marling is the author of two titles in the captivating Enchantress Hiresha series (Brood of Bones and Fox’s Bride) as well as a Young Adult title, The Gown of […]

Kindle X-Ray and the Vaetra Unveiled Cast of Characters

One of my beta readers for Vaetra Unveiled suggested that I include a glossary of character names in the book. It was a good suggestion, but I was so wrapped up in revisions that I forgot about it until after the book was published. However, it’s never too late to publish the information on the […]

Character Spotlight: Jaylan Forester

One of the most enjoyable aspects of starting this blog has been sharing information about Mundia, the fantasy world in which The Vaetra Chronicles are set. In past posts, I have done Creature Features and Location Lore posts, and I do intend to do more of those. But this time, I’m trying something new: a […]

Be the Casting Director for Your Characters

I had a fun idea this week on how to bring characters to life in my writing. I decided to play casting director, and I started casting specific actors in the roles of my characters. I know this isn’t an original idea, but it’s not a suggestion I’ve run across yet, so it’s new to […]

Evolution of a Beat Sheet

Author and writing coach Larry Brooks introduced me to a writing tool called a “beat sheet.” It has become my favorite story planning tool. Put simply, a beat sheet is an ordered list of the scenes in your book; an outline, more or less. The name comes from a drumming analogy, where the story milestones […]

Overcoming Project Completion Resistance Syndrome

Big news! I finished the first draft of Vaetra Unveiled. My writing really slowed down in the past two weeks. Life events played a role, but partly it was what I’m calling “Project Completion Resistance Syndrome” or “PCRS.” I don’t think I’m the only person who suffers from PCRS. Check out the symptoms and see […]

Whoopee, It’s Time to Write!

A common lament I see among my fellow authors is “how do I find the time to write?“ I’ve asked that question myself, and I went in search of answers. It wasn’t difficult. I found no shortage of suggestions around the Internet. The problem is that the suggestions aren’t universal. What works for one person […]