About a Warrior–Guest Post by Juli D. Revezzo

I’d like to welcome Juli D. Revezzo back to The Vaetra Files today. Juli is a paranormal romance author I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since September, 2012. She is an enthusiastic participant in the Magic Appreciation Tour and has been kindly supportive of her fellow authors. Juli is doing a blog tour to get […]

Character Interview with L. Blankenship’s Sir Anders Bockmann

This week, I’m happy to present a character interview from L. Blankenship as part of her “Saints at War” blog tour. I met Louise in late 2011 through one of Rachel Harrie’s platform building campaigns, and was happy to have her join the Magic Appreciation Tour in late 2012. Louise has been busy publishing books […]

The Women of the Vaetra Chronicles

One of my goals with the Vaetra Chronicles is to portray the primary female characters as strong, intelligent, and capable people. You won’t find any “shrinking violets” among my main characters, but you also won’t find giant Amazon women dressed in “bikini armor.” My own experience has shown me that the real world includes plenty […]

The Last Priestess Tour with Elizabeth Baxter

I originally met Elizabeth Baxter at the Writer’s Café on KindleBoards.com where she goes by the whimsical moniker “SmallBlondHippy.” Her comments on the forum made a positive impression on me, so I was happy to see her book registration come through at the Magic Appreciation Tour. Elizabeth is doing a blog tour to celebrate the […]

Guest Post by Tracy Falbe: Dacian, the future King of the rys

I’m pleased that The Vaetra Files is a stop on Tracy Falbe’s Feel Real Fantasy Blog Tour, which celebrates the completion of her Rys Rising series. I read and enjoyed the first book of her series, so I jumped at the chance to host her character spotlight on Dacian, the lead character of Rys Rising: […]

Character Spotlight: Jaylan Forester

One of the most enjoyable aspects of starting this blog has been sharing information about Mundia, the fantasy world in which The Vaetra Chronicles are set. In past posts, I have done Creature Features and Location Lore posts, and I do intend to do more of those. But this time, I’m trying something new: a […]