It might be time to try something new

The Magic Appreciation Tour has a new feature called Magic Appreciation Blog Tours (MABT), and I’m pleased to be the first author to host a blog post for it. Today’s guest post is from Cynthia Ravinski who I met when she joined the MA Tour in July.

As fate would have it, I had just been thinking through some ideas for the MABT when Cynthia contacted me about doing guest posts on specific dates in September. I told her about my ideas for the MABT, and she helped me refine them. On August 31, the first Tour Notice went out to our participating authors, and Cynthia’s blog tour was on its way.

Cynthia’s guest post is about a new concept in reading called EmotoBooks. I think you’ll find it as fascinating as I did. Without further preamble, here’s Cynthia…

It might be time to try something new

by Cynthia Ravinski

You’re at the grocery store, there are two types of Earl Grey tea that you like and they are both in stock today. Which will you pick? Indecision…

You’re in the bookstore and you are looking at two books but you can only get one. You flip through each but cannot find any one thing that set one over the other. Which one is it going to be? Indecision strikes again.

Maybe it’s time to try something new?

For some time now, at least a few generations, paper books have been the “thing.” Corporations tried to start using electronic books in the 80’s to make carrying manuals easier and more efficient. It didn’t catch on very well. But in 2009 Amazon released the Kindle. I heard a lot of “that’s never going to take off,” or “who would buy one of those” type comments. And just look at what happened. The ebook world has been blown open. You shopped in stores and compared reviews online and you bought this newfangled technology. (Maybe you even left a review online—your experience will help the author and other readers.)

Now you are sitting at your computer, or on your couch with your ebook reader of choice and you are looking at two ebooks. They are both by great authors, excellently written and only cost five or so dollars. No matter which one you get, they will read the same on your ereader. Still the indecision.

Maybe it’s time to try something new (do you see the pattern here?)

Not long after the ebook craze gathered steam, Grit City Publications was born. GCP has a new spin on reading electronically, and offers we who seek entertainment something new.

From the Publisher:

Emotobooks have a unique style and structure, unlike any other entertainment form. Abstract, emotionally provocative illustrations are tied into each story to depict what characters feel during peak moments of tension. These expressionistic elements provide both a cerebral and visual stimulation, which enhance the impact of the experience.

From a Reader (Me):

I am a very visual person. Colors and pictures have powerful effects on me. So, when I heard what GCP was doing, I was instantly enamored with the idea. EmotoBooks simultaneously engage multiple parts of the brain with abstract art that doesn’t tell you what to see in the story and excellent writing for a saturating and transporting reading experience.

It might be time to try an EmotoBook.


Because this is the kickoff of the Magic Appreciation tour, I’ll make it even easier to try an Emotobook. Today only, go like my Author Page on FaceBook and join the Giveaway event for a 100% off code for Smashwords.

About Cynthia Ravinski

Cynthia Ravinski writes Emotobooks, among other things. From her coastal northern setting she works language into stories. She’s been an athlete, a co-pilot, and a world traveler. She’s basked in the light of great poets, and has been educated to high degrees at UMaine Farmington and Seton Hill University. To say she is obsessed with drinking tea is an understatement.

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  1. I like the idea behind emotobooks.

  2. Me too. When I first heard about it, I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the Grit City Publications site learning more about it.

  3. Thanks for letting me kick off my blog tour on your site, Daniel. Follow my blog tour to learn more about emotobooks.

  4. It was my pleasure, Cynthia. I do plan to visit the other destinations on your tour. Have fun!