Automatically Publish Your Blog Posts to Facebook in 7 Easy Steps

Trying to keep up with all of the social networking platforms can be a challenge. One of the things I’ve done to ease the burden is to wire up my blog to some of my social networking accounts. Soon after I publish a new post on my blog, a link to the post automatically shows […]

Surprise Discovery about My Audience

I recently got a nice message from a fellow author on who told me a cute story. Her 12-year-old son came to her with a list of books he wanted to get. He proposed a point system for his school grades, whereby he would earn books in trade for points. She shared this personal […]

Help Fight Author Obscurity (Including Your Own)

I’m having an idea. One of the biggest problems first-time authors have is the Obscurity Problem. No one knows who you are. Even if your book is excellent, it can take quite a while for the word to get out about it. You blog, you tweet, and you participate in forums, but most of the […]

Trading in The Force for Magic

When I first set up my blog site and my social media accounts, I needed to select an image to use for my profiles and for my avatar. My goal was to create a unique image that clearly represented me as a fantasy author. I enlisted the help of my graphic-designer wife, and together we […]