Interview with DISCIPLE Series Author L. Blankenship

I enjoy reading author interviews. The authors often reveal interesting things about themselves or their stories that you won’t find anywhere else. When I offered to host L. Blankenship for her DISCIPLE, Part V blog tour, we decided on an author interview because I already had a post from her on her magic system. I’m […]

Staurolite Release Tour Interview with Marsha A. Moore

I’m honored to be taking part in the Staurolite Release Tour with magical fantasy author Marsha A. Moore. Staurolite is the fourth volume of Marsha’s Enchanted Bookstore Legends series, and it looks to be an exciting read. Marsha has been a member of the Magic Appreciation Tour for over a year now, and I sincerely […]

Interview with a Romantic Fantasy Author–Nicolette Andrews

When Nicolette Andrews announced her Diviner’s Prophecy Tour, the timing couldn’t have been better. It just so happens that I’ve been thinking a lot about romantic fantasy lately. My wife is just about to finish her first romance novel, which prompted me to wonder what kind of story she and I might produce in collaboration. […]

Will English Interviews Me

Fantasy author Will English interviewed me for his blog “Random Musings of a Summer Dreamer” as part of the Summer 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour. In the interview, I reveal what got me started in writing, who I see as my primary influences, and much more: Magic Appreciation Tour: Interview with Daniel R. Marvello While you […]

Interview with Fantasy Author Christopher Kellen

As part of my participation in the Magic Appreciation Tour, I’m interviewing fellow author Christopher Kellen. This is the first author interview I’ve hosted on my blog, and I had a fun time doing it. I hope you enjoy it. Chris was the sixth author to sign up for the MA Tour and has been […]