A.E. Marling on Writing Action Scenes

I’m pleased to present fellow Magic Appreciation Tour author A.E. Marling for a stop on his “Gravity’s Revenge: Kickstarter Tour with a Vengeance” blog tour. A.E. Marling is the author of two titles in the captivating Enchantress Hiresha series (Brood of Bones and Fox’s Bride) as well as a Young Adult title, The Gown of […]

The Last Priestess Tour with Elizabeth Baxter

I originally met Elizabeth Baxter at the Writer’s Café on KindleBoards.com where she goes by the whimsical moniker “SmallBlondHippy.” Her comments on the forum made a positive impression on me, so I was happy to see her book registration come through at the Magic Appreciation Tour. Elizabeth is doing a blog tour to celebrate the […]

Excerpt from Sorcerer’s Blood by Christopher Kellen

I’ve known Chris Kellen since he joined the Magic Appreciation Tour on February 11, 2012. I think of him as one of the founding members since he joined within the first month after the site was launched. Over the past year and many emails, we’ve become friends. He has been a great supporter of the […]

Vanna Smythe’s Anniversary of the Veil Tour

I’m happy to be hosting Vanna Smythe today on her Anniversary of the Veil blog tour. Vanna recently released Decision Maker, which is the sequel to her book Protector, the first volume in her “Anniversary of the Veil” series. Vanna is giving away two copies of Decision Maker as part of her tour, so be […]

Guest Post by Tracy Falbe: Dacian, the future King of the rys

I’m pleased that The Vaetra Files is a stop on Tracy Falbe’s Feel Real Fantasy Blog Tour, which celebrates the completion of her Rys Rising series. I read and enjoyed the first book of her series, so I jumped at the chance to host her character spotlight on Dacian, the lead character of Rys Rising: […]

Guest Post: The Magic System of Marsha A. Moore’s Enchanted Bookstore Legends

One of my favorite things about reading magical fantasy is seeing how the author puts together a magic system. A magic system is more than just a way to explain how magic works: it’s an integral part of the tale that strongly influences the sociology of the story world and the motivations of the individual […]

It might be time to try something new

The Magic Appreciation Tour has a new feature called Magic Appreciation Blog Tours (MABT), and I’m pleased to be the first author to host a blog post for it. Today’s guest post is from Cynthia Ravinski who I met when she joined the MA Tour in July. As fate would have it, I had just […]

A World within a World – Guest Post by Will English

I’m pleased to be hosting a guest post by fellow fantasy author Will English this week. We exchanged posts as part of the Summer 2012 Magic Appreciation Tour. Will has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Magic Appreciation Tour, for which I’m grateful. In his guest post, Will explores ways that video games can help […]

My First Guest Post

This week, I’m guest posting over on Vanna Smythe’s blog. The post is titled “Just Dive In,” and it is about the difficulties some writers face after they make the decision to write a novel. In the post, I share my own challenges with starting my first novel Vaetra Unveiled. Here’s a link: Just Dive […]