My First Guest Post

This week, I’m guest posting over on Vanna Smythe’s blog. The post is titled “Just Dive In,” and it is about the difficulties some writers face after they make the decision to write a novel. In the post, I share my own challenges with starting my first novel Vaetra Unveiled. Here’s a link:

Just Dive In

Vanna is also a fantasy fiction writer. She’s busy hammering out the final draft and book cover for her forthcoming novel Protector. Her blog has a sample from it, and I look forward to reading the entire thing when she’s done.

I’m no longer sure how I originally came in contact with Vanna. It was about the time I was doing Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign last fall, but she wasn’t in the campaign. I do remember that I kept running into Vanna on various social media platforms and then at She has been a strong supporter of the Magic Appreciation Tour since I first proposed it. In fact, she’s hoping to get her book done in time to participate in the next tour.

When she invited me to write a guest post, I enthusiastically accepted. It was my first, and I must admit I agonized over what to write about. Since her blog includes posts about the writing process and self-publishing issues, I decided to share the story of how I got started in my fiction writing.

I hope you will visit Vanna’s blog and that you enjoy my post!


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  1. Okay, got my bag and my hat and off to travel 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting Sarah. You’ll like Vanna. I think she’s doing the platform campaign this round.

  3. I’m off to check it out, and see what you have written.