The Magic of Jamie Marchant’s Kronicles of Korthlundia

When I heard that fellow Magic Appreciation Tour author Jamie Marchant was doing a tour for her new release, I was happy to volunteer a spot on my blog. I was even more happy when she agreed to do a guest article about the magic system in her magical fantasy book series, The Kronicles of […]

Magic in Vanessa Finaughty’s Wizard of Ends Story World

If you are a fan of magic systems like I am, you’ll enjoy this guest post from magical fantasy author Vanessa Finaughty. Vanessa is doing a blog tour to promote her new Wizard of Ends series, and she agreed to share a bit about her magic system with my readers here at the Vaetra Files. […]

The Magic of The Dragon and Scholar Saga by H.L. Burke

In my never-ending quest to see how fantasy authors integrate magic into their stories, I gladly volunteered for H.L. Burke’s blog tour and offered her a spot here on The Vaetra Files. Heidi came through with a fun treat. She presents information about her magic system from the perspective of one Sir Martin Mathewson, a […]

Karin Rita Gastreich and the Magic of Eolyn’s World

I first met Karin Rita Gastreich when she joined the Magic Appreciation Tour in June, 2012. It’s hard to believe it has been two years already! At that time, Eolyn was her only title, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Since then she has released High Maga, book two of the Eolyn Chronicles, […]

Will Hahn and the Lands of Hope Magic System

When fellow Magic Appreciation Tour author Will Hahn announced his blog tour for Judgement’s Tale Part One: Games of Chance, I was quick to volunteer.  Will has shown great support for other fantasy authors by hosting their guest posts, so I hope that good karma comes back to help him now on his own tour. […]

Kir-magic–The Power behind L. Blankenship’s Disciple Series

I love learning about how other fantasy authors conceive and implement magic systems. Even though many of our systems have similar elements, I’m continually amazed by the variety that’s out there and the uniqueness of each approach. No two authors seem to have exactly the same take on magical spells or devices, or on the […]

Guest Post: The Magic System of Marsha A. Moore’s Enchanted Bookstore Legends

One of my favorite things about reading magical fantasy is seeing how the author puts together a magic system. A magic system is more than just a way to explain how magic works: it’s an integral part of the tale that strongly influences the sociology of the story world and the motivations of the individual […]

Incorporating Runes into a Magic System

I joined Rachel Harrie’s platform-building campaign a couple of months ago. It has been a great way to get to know other fiction writers, who have turned out to be a supportive and fascinating bunch. Rachel kept things interesting by holding flash fiction writing challenges, which encouraged everyone to visit each other’s blogs and share […]

The Principles of Alchemy

This post is part of a series I did to describe how magic works in the Vaetra Chronicles. If you would like to read the other posts as well, check out the Theory of Vaetra category. [SCROLL LABEL]Sources and Flows of Vaetra, Volume 4The Principles of AlchemyLevel: ApprenticeAuthor: Toman Retarine, Professor of Alchemy [SCROLL CONTENT] […]

Potions and Lycanthropy

As I continue to work through the Snowflake Method and develop my story, I occasionally get side-tracked by ideas for “how stuff works” in my story world. On the one hand, it’s exciting to add detail that breathes life into this fantasy world I’m building, but on the other hand, I have to be careful […]