Defending the Integrity of the Book Review System

My little corner of the Internet has been awash lately with news and opinions related to a few famous authors who have been “busted” for using reviews questionably. The commentary has ranged in tone from outraged to unconcerned. What happened is that a few authors have admitted to, or were proven to be, engaging in […]

Surprise Discovery about My Audience

I recently got a nice message from a fellow author on who told me a cute story. Her 12-year-old son came to her with a list of books he wanted to get. He proposed a point system for his school grades, whereby he would earn books in trade for points. She shared this personal […]

On Writing Reviews

The view from our lanai in Princeville, Kauai I spent the past couple of weeks in Hawaii enjoying my first vacation in about 2 1/2 years. Yeah, I know, to all you workaholics out there that’s nothing, but for someone who is used to regularly vacationing for two weeks each year, it was a long […]

Fantasy in First Person

I never really thought much about character point of view (POV) until I decided to write fiction. In my non-fiction writing, I normally write in second person because I’m often giving instructions on what “you” can do to solve a problem. But fiction writers almost never use second person. A Fantasy Detective Novel? When I […]

Interview with Fantasy Author Christopher Kellen

As part of my participation in the Magic Appreciation Tour, I’m interviewing fellow author Christopher Kellen. This is the first author interview I’ve hosted on my blog, and I had a fun time doing it. I hope you enjoy it. Chris was the sixth author to sign up for the MA Tour and has been […]

The Arbolenx Fan Club

Arbolenx in Treeby Maddie Sheriff Baby Arbolenxby Maddie Sheriff Not long ago, I wrote a Creature Feature on the arbolenx, a feline, sentient creature that inhabits Mundia, the story world of my Vaetra Chronicles series. In Vaetra Unveiled, the first book of the series, a male arbolenx named Ru-Rahl plays a brief and minor role […]

My First Guest Post

This week, I’m guest posting over on Vanna Smythe’s blog. The post is titled “Just Dive In,” and it is about the difficulties some writers face after they make the decision to write a novel. In the post, I share my own challenges with starting my first novel Vaetra Unveiled. Here’s a link: Just Dive […]

The Joy of Holding Your First Proof

Last Friday, I drove down to the school bus turnaround on the county road to meet the UPS man. At this time of year, he calls ahead to find out if the road to our house is clear enough to get his big brown truck all the way here. Between the 1/3 mile of private […]

Vaetra Unveiled is Live on Kindle!

I’m very excited to report that the Kindle edition of my first book, Vaetra Unveiled is now available on! Vaetra Unveiled is book one of The Vaetra Chronicles, a magical fantasy adventure trilogy. Although the book is part of a series, it stands well on its own (no cliff-hanger ending.) I’m offering the book […]

Book Cover Unveiling

This past week was a banner week for progress on Vaetra Unveiled. I completed the third draft, which is the final draft before the manuscript goes out for editing. I also got the first proposed book cover from my designer, Susan. My Facebook followers got a sneak peek at the cover earlier this week, and […]