Announcing “Finite Fantasy” – a free fantasy anthology

I recently put together a collection of my short fiction works and titled it Finite Fantasy. Three of the four stories have previously appeared on the Internet somewhere, but I thought it would be fun to collect all of my short works into an ebook and offer it as a free download to my readers. […]

Cover Reveal for "Vaetra Unleashed"

Vaetra Unleashed is with my beta readers as I type this. So far, they aren’t finding anything that will cause major revisions to the story, so I should be able to publish the book by the end of September (maybe sooner). I’m sure this is good news for those of you who have been patiently […]

Experiments in E-book Design

My wife received a Kindle 2 as a gift a couple of years ago. She gave it a try for a while, but eventually went back to reading print books. When she let me borrow the device, I was instantly hooked on the experience. I still read print books occasionally, but e-books have become my […]