First Draft of Vaetra Unleashed!

I have a big announcement. I wrote the final paragraph of Vaetra Unleashed yesterday morning. Woohoo! The Vaetra Chronicles trilogy is complete at last.

Castle TarnWhat I finished was just the first draft, so I still have a lot of work to do before the book is ready to go out the door. I’m hoping to get it into the hands of beta readers for the month of July. I should then be able to publish the book some time in September. That’s a little later than I intended, but not by much. So hang in there; the last book is really on the way!

At 120,000+ words, Vaetra Unleashed is easily the longest book of the trilogy. If the revision process goes like the previous two volumes, I’ll be adding another 10,000 words or so. To give you an idea of how that compares to my other books, consider that Vaetra Unveiled was 287 printed pages, Vaetra Untrained was 376 pages, and I’m estimating Vaetra Unleashed will be 490 pages. That’s a lot of adventure for Jaylan and Sulana!

I’m taking a short break from the Vaetra Chronicles story world while the first draft is in the hands of my alpha reader, but I’m not taking time off. I’m busy planning my next series so I can start writing the first book when Vaetra Unleashed goes into beta. I’ll be revealing the new series along with the first book cover soon. The new story will be a contemporary paranormal fantasy.


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